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(excerpts from the interview) - 'Louis Grey Magus is my Alter Ego'

So at that time you wanted to re-create yourself?


To re-create myself was something that was not predominant. Until one day I went to this club in Soho, Club Tarantella, where I met a woman. She was approximately in her thirties, called Angel.

Now, normally women do not approach me. So I was quite surprised when this woman actually came to me, and she took interest in me.  She was Goth in the way that she dressed. Also, tragically, she had issues. She had heavy drugs problems, and she was within the attention of the mental health service.


She had some kind of bipolar mental and drug problems.  I used to go and visit her when she was living in her bedsit, in Brockley.


Who is your persona? Who did you create?


My persona? How I created my own persona?

Well, by looking around me, and being eclectic. For example, if you walk to Tesco you don’t buy everything in the shop, you only pick what you want. You only pick what you believe, according to your psyche or according to your own wisdom, is suitable for you.

I like this and I like that, mix all together, see how it goes, and then here we go.


In normal life you are Steve?


Yes I am speaking to you as Steve. My alter ego personality or persona is Louis Grey Magus.


I had a friend who professed to be into vampirism, she was only a teenager, and she used to call me Louis. This Louis name is based on the character from the Anne Rice novel  ‘Interview With The Vampire’- Louis De Pointe Du Lac. I have the book somewhere.

At that time I would often dye my hair black, but in reality the greys were starting to appear. So then I put together the name Grey and Magus.

Magus- magician, magic, wizard, gothic wizard.


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