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(excerpts from the interview)  - 'Humaira, I choose my Religion'

Why do you wear a burka? Why is it black?


There is no actual colour that you have to wear. In Islam it doesn’t say you have to wear black. The reason why I wear it is it’s more modest, it is a barrier for me from the outside world, from the sins that are there.


So if I wear it I feel like I’m shielded from the corruption of the outside world and the sins that are there. It’s a form of modesty. The only reason we wear black is out of convenience, we can wear different colours, there is no restriction on that. It’s just a myth that you have to wear black.


This is something I am curious about. Is prostitution something that can exist in the Muslim world?


Absolutely not.


Why not?


Because a woman isn’t just an object, she is given rights. That’s another way Islam shows its morality. A woman has so much rights, she is like a diamond.

She is so special, she is the queen of the house, she is not an object that can be used by many men. Marriage is a way that you can have a relationship with a person that is meaningful and shows commitment, and prostitution doesn’t show this at all.



Are you free sexually? I mean outside of religion, culture, are you free sexually?


Islam doesn’t hold too many restrictions on your sexual life. You can do many things. There are a few things that are discouraged, like you can’t have relations in such a way that you can’t have children. It encourages cleanliness and hygiene. But it’s not like you have to have relations in a certain way.


When you are with your husband you can do anything.




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