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(excerpts from the interview) - 'Graca and her little dogs'


Do you have any imaginary friends?


I have imaginary dogs


What do you mean?


I have imaginary dogs.


Imaginary dogs? What is his name?




Is he a colourful dog? What is his colour?


He is black and white.


Does he talk? What does he say?


He speaks like humans.  He says what human say.


Like what?


If I ask him something he would speak like human.


Ok tell me what do you normally ask this dog?


What shall we do? Shall we talk to that person again, because you have been rude to me? Or we just leave her?  And he just answers.


And what does he say? Does he give you good advice?


Yes he does.


Is he with you everyday?


He is right here now.


Now? He is sat next to you now? What is he doing?


He is licking my face.


I know I can see him actually. Is he a male dog?


Yes male. He is a Collie, a kind of dog.


Is he a real dog or cartoon dog?


Real dog.


Real? I like it. Is your dog an imaginary friend or he is real?


Imaginary friend. Soon I forgot about him one year, because I had my own dog.


Ah you had a real one?


A real one yes, for one year I had my real dog, so I forget about him.


So where is your real dog now?


I don’t have a real dog now.


You have him




What is his name again?




Strange name


The ghost bastards.


Do you have any favorite toys?


Shall I get them?


Do you know what is a mind?


Yes, a mind is something inside you. Something inside your head.


And what does it say?


It helps you think, and gives you the choices to make.  Like for example, if someone asks you a question and you have two answers, your mind says you which one to say.


Do you think do you have a choice? Can you choose which answer you want to give?


Yes that is why you have a mind.


Do you think your mind control you or you control your mind?


The mind controls you.


What do you think is real?


Everything around me.

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