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(excerpts from the interview) - 'Antonio Gigliotta, the Performer'

I met you at one Art exhibition called FLUXExhibition. You were performing, dressed up very nicely, with a big hat made of teddy bears. Why do you perform?


I think it just happen naturally, you know. It is the same thing when you ask people, why do you go and see a football match? Or why are you cooking pasta today?, rather than something else.


I love to create things, I love to make things. It is not just making something, you enjoy doing it. And then become a sort of performer through pictures, videos, through going out with people and performing on stage sometime.


What is a performance for you?


A performance is something that is not necessary, but for your life and your emotion that you experience. You do something so that you project those emotions, and you can pass those emotions to people as well. You stimulate the emotions. I think that is what a performance is, something I care for.  Not necessarily to show off, or shocking people, but really to try to give the main meaningful thing, which is good.


What does a performance says about you?


It can mislead people because people think I am a performer all the times. I make people smile, always happy.


I am always out there, outrageous. But when people know a little more about me, sometimes I have the impression that people can see through me.


Maybe behind the smile they can see there’s something sad. Which is part of myself as well.  I am not covering that sadness or what happens, but I think you are vulnerable, you allow people to get through to you.

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