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"We take a picture when we meet and recognise ourselves.  

It is a continuous reflection in the mirror of humanity ...

When this happens, I am present, I listen ..."


Loredana's visual work is a process. She uses photography as healing practice. She usually works with encounters she met on the streets or online, just for one day.

Her photo video documentation gives her the power to question everything; who I am, what I think, what I feel, my education, society & religion to name but a few. It reveals itself as a process “of knowing” yourself as both “ the observer” and ‘the observed”.

The process lived through photography becomes a personal life experience; a sort of self-analysis and at the same time, a reflexion  in the mirror of humanity – as ‘liberation”: re – appropriation of our own power, lost through that pain that has been created by 'old structures', caused by fears, repressing emotions or wrong beliefs, that have damaged us, remaining carved in our subconscious mind as forgotten ghosts.​

Clearly her work represents this process, where establishing an intimate connection with encounters, she employs photography as a mirror to reveal some repressing feelings from both subjects involved (the stranger & the photographer).​

By making herself physically and emotionally vulnerable while keeping the connection totally open, she enables people to free themselves, and to trust her with their vulnerabilities.

The final documentation is true, raw, real, appalling, sincere, transparent in the present moment.

Do we like what we see? 

Can the mind free itself from habits it has cultivated, from unhelpful opinions, judgments, attitudes and values?

What is real?


Loredana Denicola took a degree in ‘Economics’, spending some time in the corporate world before moving to London in 2010. In London, at Central St Martin’s College, University of the Arts, she graduated with a certificate in ‘Photographic Professional Practice’. Then she completed her training in the rough and tumble school of professional freelance press photography, and as a paparazzi, for three years.

In 2014 the camera became an essential of exploration, for capturing and revealing the invisible — driven to probe human nature’s depths by an urge for self-discovery, through connection and conversations with strangers, met either online or on the street. She became interested in ways of thinking, feeling and acting, which we, as humans, tend to have naturally — yet which we sometimes repress, causing pain and dis-comfort both internally and for those around us.
​As the ‘act of using the camera’, photography becomes almost ‘performative’: a  live process, where art is realised at the instant of encounter with another human being, and the photographs produced are merely documentation of that encounter. The observer becomes the observed, and the mirror, the person reflected.

In these reversals and equivalences, Loredana’s art practice becomes an investigation into the power of trust in human relationships.

Since January 2018 Loredana Denicola is an artist members of Action Hybride.


All members are definitely engaged in the theme of the body. The purpose of the collective is to take care of interviews, screenings, exhibitions and art performances, meetings, reflections concerning the body and the human condition, with the participation of a multidisciplinary and international group of artists, mainly in Paris, but also abroad.

We are now engaged as a collective in seeking funds for the realization of a multidisciplinary festival (photography, sculpture, painting, performance, installation, video ...) of Contemporary Art, which will start here in Italy and which will take place on the 20-21-22-23 2019 in the Officine Forte Marghera section, a real creative workshop that offers the possibility of organizing workshops and art exhibitions, which in turn will open on June 2, 2018 in Venice.

Represented by Saatchi Art.



June/I am my Body, I am my Memory/Officine Forte Marghera/Venice, Italy

May/Corps Invisibles/Theatre De Verre/ Paris,France

March/April/Je vous salue Marie(s)/L'Atelier de Belleville/Paris,France


Fleisheslust Festival /Xlane Gallery/Berlin, Germany

London Open Call 2018/Whitechapel Gallery/London,UK

'Il mostro #10'/Tag - Tevere Art Gallery/ Rome, Italy

'Under my feet'/Waiting Room/London

'Angst'/'La Capela' Gallery/Paris, France

Liquids Rooms - THE LABYRINTH/ Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi/ Venice, Italy



Photo Scratch/Four Corners/opportunity for documentary photographers/London,UK 

Salon 17/ New approach to Photography/Four Corners LCN Showcase 2017/15 artists/Artists talk/London,UK

FluxExhibition/Chelsea College of Arts/curated by Lisa Grey/London,UK

Magnum Swap Shop - Magnum Photos 70th Anniversary/ThePrintSpace/London,UK


Exhibit Here's Art Maze Exhibition/Bargehouse/Oxo Tower Wharf/ London,UK

FLUX Exhibition/The Truman Brewery/London,UK

Folios Fridays/The Photographer’s Gallery/London,UK


Portrait Salon exhibition/The Embassy Gallery/Taylor Wessing Prize/ London,UK


Desidero Ergo Sum, Arte, Corpo e  Pensiero/ SALA 5 /Rome, Italy 

Exhibition at St Martin College /Certificate of Photography Professional Practice/London,UK





Monochrome Awards /Single Picture/Conceptual/Professional/Honourable Mention

MonoVisions Awards/Single Picture/Conceptual Category/Professional/Honourable Mention


Monochrome Awards 2014/Portrait/Professional/Honourable Mention 


Photography Competition Telegraph/The London Fashion Week/Portrait/London/UK


2014. Cover of the album  "Volume 1 -  'Earth to Shovel" by “The Dawn Chorus Blues” 

2012. Cover of the album "England" by Sam De La Haye



Phil Smith's book 'Walking's New Movement' 

'Contemporary solo performance, academic text for Manchester University Press for libraries'/Dr Stephen Greer, Lecturer in Theatre Practices


Its Liquid - The Labyrinth/Interview

The Heroine's Journey/Interview

Edge of Humanity Magazine /Scanning my Body

The Palette Pages /Interview 

Monovisions Magazine /Interview





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