I use photography as a healing form.

​My work is a process of self-understanding that develops through intimate conversations with people that interest me. Conversations that employ images and videos. Through photography I am able to re-examine everything: who I am, what I think, what I feel, my education, society, religion.

I usually work with people I encounter on the street, or online.

Rather than using my camera as a barrier or separation between myself and the subject, I share control of the medium over where, how and  when I use my camera, giving  total freedom of expression to the encounter. They present themselves as they really are, as they wish, without any imposition.

This creates a powerful energy.

By making myself physically and emotionally vulnerable, while keeping the connection with the other totally open,  I enable people to free themselves, and to trust me with their vulnerabilities. 

The final documentation is true, raw, real, appalling, sincere, transparent in the present moment, sometimes disturbing

( ... do we like what we see?).

The camera is a mirror, the observer becomes the observed, the mirror becoming the person reflected.

My art practice is an investigation into the power of trust in human relationships. ​Can the mind free itself from habits it has cultivated, from unhelpful opinions, judgments, fears, attitudes and values?


What is real? 

Loredana Denicola Social Documentary Photographer | Fine Art Artist | London & Italy

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